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List Guidelines for Members

DigitalEve is a virtual organization and members who wish to remain in active standing must be subscribed to their local announcement list (or the HQ announcement list if not affiliated with a local chapter). This allows DigitalEve to provide all of its members with timely information.

Individual lists and chapters may choose more restrictive guidelines than these, but all internationally sponsored lists will follow these rules. Check with your local chapter to see if rules for your lists differ.

  • Subjects:
    • General Lists: Posts must relate to the mission of DigitalEve.
    • Topical Lists: Posts must relate to the designated topic of the list
    • What's acceptable for general discussion:
      • Succinct questions and answers
      • announcements about events
      • products
      • discussions of workplace issues
      • Other topics related to the mission of DigitalEve
    • Each chapter will be responsible for defining what is and is not acceptable on their general discussion list. Check with your chapter to see what their rules are.
    • It is highly recommended that Chapters post list guidelines on their websites so that members can easily access the policies.
    • Many chapters also sponsor an "off-topic" list. If your chapter does, this is the place to post just about anything!
    • Off-topic posts will be subject to member censure (see censure below).
  • Deliberately Avoided Subjects
    • No pricing discussions. Please check out:
    • No jokes/chain letters/junk mail/off-topic discussions.
    • No spam! Any member sending spam to a mailing list will immediately have their posting privileges revoked. Any member found to be using our mailing lists to harvest email addresses for spam will face immediate suspension pending investigation by a peer review board. DigitalEve will act accordingly to protect our members' privacy. For the purposes of DigitalEve, spam will be defined as email which does not conform to the guidelines of the list to which it was sent and which is self-serving or promotional in nature
    • No virus warnings! Virus warnings will be listed on our website and those of urgent consequence will be announced by HQ via the announce lists.
    • Subjects generating more heat than light. Some topics start well and end badly. List facilitators have the authority to end certain discussions and invoke censure on those who choose to continue them. Again, depending on the "offense" a situation will be investigated by a peer review board (see censure below).
  • General Netiquette
    • Practice respect and appreciation for every member. This organization is about being supportive towards other women. If you choose not to be supportive, then do not post your thoughts. List facilitators have the ability to limit the posting access of people who choose to be unsupportive. People who make highly negative postings and postings that clearly are an attack on another member should expect to have their posting access taken away (see censure below).
    • Be sure that the subject of your message reflects what's actually in your message. Don't use a subject header that is unrelated to the body of your message.
    • Snip! When replying to an article, only quote the portions that are absolutely necessary to help the reader and delete the rest.
    • If you are having problems with a list (or with a member on a list) please contact the list facilitator for your list.
    • Lots of communication to other people on the list can be accomplished through personal email. Don't reply to the list unless you think your post would be helpful and of interest to the majority and would help contribute to the discussion at hand. This includes "me too" or "I agree" messages. Unless your post contains additional comments on the subject at hand, please keep your comments private.
    • Do not send copyrighted material. Instead, use an excerpt/quote from the material and include the URL.
    • All messages posted to DigitalEve mailing lists are considered private. You may not forward them to anyone without prior express written permission of the author. Doing so will result in list censure (see below).
  • We encourage you to post a COMPILATION to QUESTIONS!
    • DigitalEve is a supportive community where we strive to help women succeed in technology. One of the benefits in being part of this worldwide group is the help that members freely give one another. In order to get a comprehensive response to your question, offer to share the results you receive. Ask your question, then compile a list of the responses you receive to post back to the list.
  • No email attachments. Except for designated lists, attachments will not be allowed on our mailing lists. This includes HTML mail, file attachments, electronic business cards, vcards, etc. This is primarily for two reasons. The first being that it is the most effective way for preventing viruses from propagating themselves on our lists. The second is that most attachments are large and take up valuable space. One attachment can fill up an entire digest!
  • Members Only!
    • All messages posted to DigitalEve mailing lists are considered private. You may not forward them to anyone without prior express written permission of the author. Evidence of doing so may be grounds for having posting privileges suspended immediately, pending an investigation by a peer review board.
    • Please do not pose questions for non-members to the list. One of the benefits of membership is that you gain access to the knowledge of our members. If your friends and relatives would like that access, encourage them to join.
  • List Censure
    • The purpose of censure is to encourage everyone to participate in our forums in a supportive manner. List Facilitators have the ability to take temporary action against those who choose not to abide with our mission and discussion list policies. List facilitators will be encouraged to only take action as is absolutely necessary.
    • There are 5 levels of censure.
      1. A warning from the list facilitator (informal, but designed to get the point across)
      2. A warning from the list facilitator, with a copy to whomever the governing body for this list is (i.e. whichever chapter or SIG sponsors the list)
      3. Posting privileges temporarily halted (can still read the list, but not post)
      4. Posting and reading privileges temporarily halted (leaving person on admin announce list)
      5. All list privileges halted (effectively terminating membership)
    • Generally, censure will follow this hierarchy. A first offense for something will generate level 1, second offense level 2, etc. Some offenses are so great that the list facilitator will take immediate action at a higher level and pass it on to the governing body for review.
      • Spam should be considered a serious offense -- anyone who sends a true spam to the list will have their posting privileges removed immediately.
      • Email harvesting is also a serious offense. If it's brought to our attention that someone is using our lists to harvest names specifically for targeting spam at, they will immediately lose their posting and reading privileges. We're not talking about the recruiter who thinks they've spotted a great candidate (though some do consider that spam). We're talking about people who send "get rich quick" and similar messages to our members. The integrity of DigitalEve as an organization that serves its members worldwide depends on adherence to policies that protect the respect and privacy of members. Any member found violating this basic principal will lose posting privileges immediately, pending an investigation by a peer review board.
    • A 3-person panel will decide censure levels 3-5. The panel will consist of the List Facilitator (of the affected list), the HQ List Administrator and one person from DigitalEve HQ or the DigitalEve local chapter.
    • DigitalEve will set up a peer review board to objectively deal with any censure that reaches level 5 and is appealed. Any censure problem put before a peer review board will be investigated within a 30-day period. An international peer review board will review any appeals resulting from the outcome of the investigation.

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