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We Are DigitalEve Philly!

DigitalEve Philadelphia is a community for women in technology, a resource for women working in or interested learning more about the technology field. Our focus: To provide networking, learning and teaching opportunities to all women in the Philadelphia area.

DigitalEve Philly launched in September 2001 with our first major event, Taming Technostress. Since then we have provided a series of events including SHeWeek in March, a career counseling workshop at LaSalle University in May, co-sponsorship with LaSalle of a symposium designed to address the needs of female college students in Technology related majors, and a spring DigitalDevelopment educational series. Plans for Fall include: 2nd Annual Technostress event, Fall DigitalDevelopment series, and mentoring with Big Sisters of Philadelphia.

We have attained many of our original goals including: Offering affordable and practical training opportunities through the international SIG, StudyDevas, administered by Co-Chapter Leader, Anne Cecil, discounted online training opportunities, live workshops, seminars and lectures offered through our SHeWeek and DigitalDevelopment Series. Offering networking opportunities through monthly pre-PANMA parties and a series of LOOP events outside the city, along with our day to day communication via our mailing lists. Offering career development through our career workshops.

Our mission is to serve as a invaluable resource, providing a community of confident, tech-savy women looking to share their knowledge and experience via on- and off-line workshops, monthly networking events, mentoring opportunities and discussion forums to anyone-young or old, man or woman-wanting to learn more about digital technology. All without the hassle of annual dues or payments.

DigitalEve Philly, philadelphia.digitaleve.org, has been designed exclusively to support this mission and includes everything from training, tutorials, and developmental links, to a calendar of events, to features profiling local women and global women's issues. The community has also established special interest groups to meet the diverse needs of our members.

DigitalEve Philly is part of and international organization, DigitalEve. Other chapters span both North America and the globe to include communities in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, sister communities throughout Canada, as well as England and Japan. In 2001, we expect to continue our expansion throughout the US, Europe and Asia.


Why DigitalEve?

Digital represents the concept of Technology. Eve represents the concept of Woman, Technology touches all facets of our lives-not only work, but sectors influencing education, relationships and family, our health, how we care for each element, etc. Everything about DigitalEve, even the name, demonstrates how deep technology has entrenched itself into our lives as women. Digital to represent the concept of Technology; Eve to represent the concept of Woman-the first Woman, strong and empowered. And as the use of technology grow throughout Philadelphia and neighboring regions, we look to connect, to educate, to empower and to encourage one another in this increasingly tech-centric world.

As women, we are connected to each other and to the technologies in which we live, work, and exist. As a community, we are dedicated to increasing, promoting and enhancing the status and/or entry of women in digital technology. Because of this dedication, we decided to try something unusual. We became part of an international, nonprofit organization at inception rather than as a small local organization that branched outward as is the norm.

Because DigitalEve had the foresight to open with such vision, we literally now have the World's technological resources at our finger tips; a global wellspring of talent, expertise and know-how from which to draw, helping us all succeed.

We need technology. So it is in our best interest, as women, to shape technology to best fit our needs. Through technology, we come together, connect, to create this unique and exceptional international community. For all these reasons, the Philly chapter has chosen to use the female goddess figure, the computer, and cells as visual symbols to best convey the DigitalEve vision on our Web site.




Women in Technology Organization Pledges Responsibility to Members, Transparent Structure, and Multilevel Access to Resources

Chicago, Illinois November 13, 2000 DigitalEve, ( http://www.digitaleve.org) the global nonprofit community for women in technology, today announced its commitment to being responsible to members, to maintaining a transparent leadership structure, and to encouraging active, multilevel access to resources.

DigitalEve has a two-fold purpose to meet the needs of its members and to educate the public in recognizing the importance of women's involvement in technology. Created to address the ever-changing needs of local chapters, DigitalEve is committed to promoting and fostering women who positively shape the industry.

DigitalEve is successful because our global existence depends on a dynamic, open relationship with members and local communities, said May Leong, Executive Director for DigitalEve. Our nonprofit mission encourages and provides strong support to chapters so that they can uniquely meet the needs which are specific to their individual locations. At the same time, our mission brings everyone together in order to drive a consistent brand and create a strong technological identity.

Currently with 15 international communities and over 7,000 members in almost five months, DigitalEve draws upon its collective strength to forge industry partnerships and create global resources. In turn, DigitalEve members and chapters have direct access to a network of services and offerings, including international special interest groups (SIGs), learning opportunities, events, and interaction on the global, national, chapter, and peer-to-peer levels.

Forged from a shared vision of women-focused technology communities, DigitalEve has developed based on the leadership and expertise of 30 women around the globe whose experiences include other mission-led organizations, multi-national corporations, public sector involvement, privately owned businesses, and start-ups. DigitalEve strongly encourages its members to connect beyond their professional networks in order to forge personal relationships, such as positively participating in other communities and supporting women-focused causes.

DigitalEve cannot be all things to all women. However, given our mission, we do recognize that DigitalEve, which is run by and for its members, holds a unique position to empower members and greatly influence the industry, said Leong.

DigitalEve has dedicated itself to:

  • Build strong partnerships
  • Provide an effective networking resource for top-level professionals, role models and mentors
  • Empower members to become top-level professionals, role models and mentors in their fields
  • Advocate that women have economic, social and cultural parity
  • Offer access to positive resources, valuable information and a community-based network for women involved in, or interested in, technology
  • Promote positive, balanced working conditions and lifestyles
  • Develop low-cost, readily accessible educational opportunities
  • Encourage women and girls to pursue technology-related careers
  • Include all women of all races, ethnicities, economic levels, ages, abilities and lifestyles as participants in its communities.
About DigitalEve
DigitalEve champions women's contributions in the digital economy. Developed by a core group of 30 women across the world, DigitalEve is registered in the state of Washington as a 501(c)(6). Based on the belief that an international leadership is necessary to address a global community, DigitalEve is led by eight directors who are located in Boston, Chicago, London, San Francisco, Seattle, and Toronto.
Anna Gonowon
Director of PR & Strategic Communications


Board of Directors of www.digitaleve.org

May Leong, Volunteer Evangelist, Seattle, WA
May Chong, New Chapters: Rest of World, London, UK,
Diane Darling, Director, Co-Founder, Boston
Jennifer Evans, Executive Director of DE Canada and Interim Executive Director
Anna Gonowon, Director of PR & Strategic Communications, Chicago
Dana Jones, New Chapters: USA, San Francisco
Angela Levengood, Director of Technology, Chicago, IL

Adele McAlear, International Marketing Director, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Elizabeth Wagner, Business Development Manager, Chicago
Melanie Fagerberg, Legal Coordinator, Seattle, WA
Margaret Doran, Treasurer, Scotts Mills, OR
Roan Bear, Web Site Manager, Monterey, CA
Lauren Gogarty, Web Site Manager, Monterey, CA
Jonathan Miller, Systems Administrator, Seattle, WA
Sarah Miller, Community Manager, Seattle, WA
Manon LeChasseur, Assistant List Administrator, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Nancy Frey, Assistant List Administrator, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Pat Moorehead, Member Support Team, Seattle, WA
Danielle LaFleur, Chapter Relations Coordinator, Seattle, WA


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