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Goals-a partial list which is growing as you read:

  • Mentor women in the community
    • Juniors(<18) to demonstrate career opportunities and success available in the new media industry. (3rd Q 2001)
    • Facilitate the creation of College/University Chapters of DigitalEve Philly (3rd/4th Q 2001)
    • Seniors(60+) to utilize the web to enrich their quality of life through more convenient shopping, communication with others, meeting new people, investigating medical options, etc.(2nd Q 2002)
    • Organize and proivde a girl's computer camp. (3rd Q 2002)
  • Expand our Living Outside Of Philly (LOOP) program to include monthly networking opportunities in convenient locations for our members.(1st Q 2002)
  • Support and expose Digital Art as an artistic medium (1st Q 2002)
  • Implement our Member's Assistance Program(MAP), covering member's and their families with legal, mental health and life solutions services.(3rd Q 2002)
  • Develop a mentoring program for our members, who will be partnered with a career professional or successful entrepreneur to help them gain the skills they need to attain the next level within their own career.(4th Q 2002)
  • Develop partnerships with local businesses and organizations to support our mission(Ongoing)


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