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Benefits-list is growing everyday

Local Benefits include:

  • Free day to day communication via local on and off topic mailing lists.
  • Basic HTML tutorials available from our helpful links section.
  • Low cost workshops and seminars through our DigitalDevelopment Series offered Spring and Fall.
  • Formal and informal Face 2 Face networking events in and around the city-Monthly Pre-PANMA parties and periodic LOOP events.
  • Opportunities to mentor women and girls through partnerships with Big Sisters of Philadelphia and presentations during our DigitalDevelopment Series.
  • Promotion through our Local Members Member Spotlight Section.
  • Discounted online training through SmartLynx.
  • Career Development through annual career events which will include: portfolio reviews, mock interviews, and presentations by recruiters .
  • Celebrate and foster a fuller, richer more well-rounded life by creating social opportunities to promote a sense of community through our annual technostress event , optional attendance at sporting/entertainment events, optional participation in physical activities, optional participation in creative/artistic activities.


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