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Our Mission

DigitalEve Philly is an organization dedicated to helping women of all ages and cultures lead increasingly rewarding professional and personal lives through successful participation in the digital technology.

We CELEBRATE WOMEN, DIVERSITY and the importance of the CONTRIBUTIONS of our world wide members in the new media industry.

We CHALLENGE all in the industry to recognize, embrace and promote our ongoing accomplishments, achievements and contributions to the community.

We ENCOURAGE juniors(<18) and seniors(>65) to lead informed lives by actively participating in the digital world.

We EMPOWER women of all ages and means to improve their economic condition through the pursuit of careers in new media.

We SUPPORT women entering and/or re-entering the workforce and in career transitions toward building successful careers in new media.

We offer affordable and practical opportunities to LEARN technological skills, career strategies and successful time management as a way to improve the overall quality of life in an increasingly fast-paced, technology-oriented world.

We value the ENRICHMENT of our lives created by our association with a SOCIAL, FUN and SUPPORTIVE group.

We INVITE women with all levels of technological expertise to network, share, mentor and learn together as we explore the vast opportunities presented to us by the technological EVOLUTION.


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